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We Love Auctions

Who said we are addicted to Auctions? By Patti Vincent
18 May

Why would you think we are addicted to Auctions?

Why would anyone think that? Well John and I are!

Auctions in the Hudson Valley have so many beautiful and interesting things that are often not expensive at all. I have bought things at auction for family and friends birthdays and for Christmas. Some of our favorite are online auctions are during the week when everyone else is working and cannot go online.  We’ve found some great deals at those auctions!

I, myself, never went to an auction in my life. My mom use to go to auctions and she loved it  She would find such great things and they have been handed down to her children now and we love them as much as she did and they so remind us of her. She loved the Copake auction and as of today it is still going strong at copakeauction.com.

At one of the many auctions, John and I saw these vintage hotel labels. They are made of cloth. Hey, why not we said! We will figure out something to do with them for the Inn. So I took them, put some colorful paper behind and around them and put them in a shadow box.









You can see them on display at the Inn now. Not bad for $5. I need to hot glue them down so they will stay in place…John can you bring in your hot glue gun please?

We enjoy looking for different things for the Inn and our guests really seem to get a kick out of it. We make this place as comfy and cozy as can be, and then throw in some quirky things to make it fun and unique.


I think we were interested in this I Took a Lickin’ from a Chicken game (on the right). Why….I am not sure, but in the same box lot came the tea cup hook which is now over by our coffee station and the comb-brush holder which is now in The Briarcliff Room bathroom holding our amenities.









The painting on the left is quite small and is found at the bottom of the stairs.  I thought it was so pretty. The one on the right is hanging in The Mashomack Suite over the bed. It fits our ‘theme’ for Mashomack. Even though the Hunt does not take place at Mashomack Club a lot of the members are involved in the Millbrook Hunt.









John is drawn to cookie jars….. and very unusal one as you can see the pig flying on a corn cob. We also have another funky pig cookie jar we got at a thrift store.  Think we like pigs?! The wooden cricket sculpture is a new addition to the Inn from the Benefit Shop in Mt. Kisco. Its funny to look at and is quite the conversation starter.








In our breakfast room, we have this very simple but beautiful painting of a watermelon. We also have a hand-painted, wooden sculpture of a watermelon hanging above a late-18th century map of Dutchess County. They are so bright and full of color and fun. We got two botantical prints also and they are hung in the Shekomeko room.


One more….The Tug of War, 1879. I found this one quite whimsical and funky, You have to get up close and check out these little boys faces. This one is hanging in the hallway downstairs among the bedrooms.

There is more but I can’t show everything, you have to come and stay so you can hear the stories of all our finds for The Inn at Pine Plains. Yes, it is an addiction for both John and I, and Cecilia thinks we should go the rehab if there is such a thing for auctions, lol.

By Patti Vincent


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