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The Animals, oh the Animals

Seen throughout the Hudson Valley by Patti Vincent
4 May

We are so blessed to live in the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is so beautiful and we are so blessed to live in such a wonderful place. My ride to and from work is breath taking everyday. My favorite ride is over McGhee Hill Road. At what I call the top of the world, McGhee Hill And Silver Mountain, you can see the Berkshires (pic on left) and the Litchfields (pic on right).









As you travel along the roads to Pine Plains, the animals, oh the animals! The first farm every morning have the big brown steer. They all have horns so I have no idea which is male or female. They roam over this big farm land and are always so quiet. They are either eating off the big bales of hay or nibbling on the grass. Couple of new babies without horns, wonder when they start growing their horns?


Just down the road from the steer are white sheep. If I am right they belong to one of the Four Brothers. There are a lot of babies there also. There are so many I see people pulling off the road to take pics all the time just like I did. The other day I was on my way home and I was driving by the sheep and they were all in a single line on the run to water, I mean a single line of them babies and all, baaing all the way, it was incredible to watch and hear them, I had to stop and take pics and listen to them.


Once I finish McGhee Hill Road I get on Route 83. In the Fall and Winter there are herds of deer up on the hills, not sure where they go in the Spring and Summer but you never see that many now. There are also the turkeys gobbling over the hills and across the roads. Then there is:

Yes, Black Sheep Farm owned by Jack and Irene Banning. Fields of black sheep. The babies were born about 6 weeks ago and they are now out in the fields with their moms. I so enjoy watching them. The babies are running and playing with each other, tumbling over each other, it makes you smile. They also have chickens and pigs, and you can stop by to get fresh eggs for your next breakfast. Once the vegetable gardens start to flourish they also have fresh veggies.


So now you see why I so enjoy my trip to and from the Inn each day, so much to see and enjoy and it only takes me 12 minutes to get to or from my home to work.

Happy Travels through out the Hudson Valley this Spring – Patti Vincent

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